Re: Redhat WS 4, AIX, X11 apps problem

From: Travis Johnson (
Date: 08/23/05

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    Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2005 17:23:01 -0400


    I've been able to connect with remote X windows again, however, the
    solution to me seems...not right.

    I had to do a:

    xauth extract - $DISPLAY | ssh
    /usr/X11R6/bin/xauth merge -


    ssh -Y DISPLAY=$DISPLAY nwadmin &

    Even though I get my window like I'm expecting, I didn't have to do it
    this way on Monday. Also, I thought ssh setup the DISPLAY variable for
    you when calling commands like the above. FYI, I also don't seem to
    need -X or -Y, they either work or don't work, depending on me adding
    the DISPLAY portion of the command. What might I have changed that
    would effect the DISPLAY not working? I'm still getting the "Set
    program group failed: Not owner" even when the window appears. Anybody
    know what that might be?

    Travis Johnson
    Barry Brimer wrote:
    > Quoting Travis Johnson <>:
    >>	Yesterday I began experiencing problems with my new install of redhat
    >>WS 4.  In the morning I was able to connect to my AIX machines
    >>and make X11 apps show up on my desktop.  By the end of the day I tried
    >>to connect to these same servers and can no longer get X windows to
    >>start up.  I've done an xhost+ even to see if that would help and it did
    >>not.  So now I'm to the point where I'm running ssh in debug mode and I
    >>come across this error I've never seen before and googling for it
    >>doesn't return any results.  Here is a copy of the error I'm receiving:
    > <snip>
    >>Now I've done a xhost+ to ensure that doesn't cause problems.
    >> is the AIX box.  tjohnson is the redhat WS 4 box.
    >>I can successfully connect to other Redhat ES/AS servers and do X-apps,
    >>only the AIX servers now don't work.  Those other Redhat servers can
    >>successfully connect and run X-apps.  It appears to only be my
    >>workstation that's broke.  Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
    > I believe the default setting for X11 forwarding changed in RHEL 4.  Try using
    > ssh -X which will explicity enable X11 forwarding.
    > Barry

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