Re: Sshd error message (HP-UX)

From: Nathan Jackson (
Date: 06/16/05

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    Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2005 23:02:23 +0200
    To: "Hogan, Brad" <>

    Hi Brad,

    You should check that X11Forwarding is set to yes in the sshd_config file.

    The X Display variable should be set to something like localhost:10.0
    or and not as the IP address of your PC. If you set
    this to your PC IP address then you will be bypassing the SSH tunnel.
    Type echo $DISPLAY at the prompt to see what is set.



    On 6/16/05, Hogan, Brad <> wrote:
    > I have set up HP-UX Secure Shell, version A.03.91.002, on two HP 9000
    > servers. They are both running HP-UX 11i. Using Exceed 10 (with Connectivity
    > Secure Shell 10) as my client on a windows PC, I can get VT emulated
    > terminals over ssh just fine. On one server when I try to bring up an Xterm,
    > I get this error:
    > sshd[2466]: error: Can't get IP address for X11 DISPLAY
    > Needless to say the xterm does not open up on my PC. On the other server
    > this works just fine. My PC is in the hosts file. It does not matter if I
    > put in the PC's IP address or a macro when I invoke the xterm command.
    > Remember that this works fine on the other server, secure tunnels to both
    > servers open just fine, I can ping my PC from both servers, etc. (Using
    > telnet as my startup method does work fine.)
    > I have searched the archives and all I come up with are problems where
    > people do not provide the display name or IP for their display - this is not
    > my problem..... Does anyone have any ideas?
    > Thanks for your time.
    > Regards,
    > -Brad

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