Re: Binding ssh to a loopback address

From: Darren Tucker (
Date: 05/07/05

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    Date: Sat, 07 May 2005 15:31:30 +1000
    To: CP Lim <>

    CP Lim wrote:
    > I was trying to forward a remote port to one at local (but not
    > by doing :
    > ssh -b -L80:localhost:80 remotehost

    That's a local forward, but what you're describing is a remote forward.
      I'm assuming the command is correct but the description is wrong
    (since you also said it works w/out the -b.

    Anyway, that command will try to bind the client's end of the SSH
    connection to, so what you're trying to do is make an SSH
    connection from to your remotehost. Sending the connection
    out won't go anywhere (hence the "no route to host" error).

    What you need to do is this:

    ssh -L remotehost

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