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From: Corey (
Date: 05/07/05

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    Date: Fri, 6 May 2005 17:27:44 -0700

    On Friday 06 May 2005 12:30 pm, Robert L Sowders wrote:
    > Why bother?

    It's necessary.

    We do not allow users shell or ftp access to our web/streaming server;
    instead, they upload their content to the ssh server - this content then
    needs to be mirrored/synced/copied/moved to the web/streaming server ASAP.

    That's the workflow.

    > Why not just set a rapid rsync cron from root and rsync the entire
    > structure, and move files with ownership and permission's? If nothing has
    > changed, then nothing gets moved.

    Because we want the content to go live at the soonest possible time after the
    users upload it to the ssh server -- we want the finest granularity possible,
    which is why we would prefer not to use cron.

    Also, a cronjob running too often would vastly increase the amount of
    incomplete rsyncs... if the cron goes off while a user is in the middle of an
    upload, then partial/broken data will be mirrored onto the live web/streaming
    server - if this continually happens, then it's a waste of bandwidth and
    resources and will also pose other issues. Ensuring that the rsync only
    happens the moment after the user closes his sftp session, will greatly
    reduce those sorts of occurances.

    > There is something to be said for simple.

    Agreed. This would be extremely simple if sftp-server had the sort of
    hook/trigger I was looking for... apparently a product called vshell can get
    close to facilitating this, but we're sticking w/ opensource solutions so
    unfortunately that is not an option. Looks like we'll have to use a log



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