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From: Robert L Sowders (
Date: 05/03/05

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    To: "aaron wallace" <>
    Date: Mon, 2 May 2005 17:51:38 -1000

    I've setup rsync between three national systems that mirrored between
    themselves, but this is not really a good design, rsync is unidirectional.
     You can use it via a round robin like cron job between the systems. But
    it will get in trouble if you add too many systems. Unison, is a better choice, it is
    bidirectional. But it only works between two systems.

    The best would probably be an Andrews File system to the desktop. But it
    is a synchronous file system. If two people try to update the same file
    at the same time, it used to be that the last write won. Now I believe
    that some type of merger takes place. AFS is secure,
    works on many platforms and has other advantages too, like continuing when
    disconnected and then merging when connected.

    It's included in the kernel, Linux 2.6



    "aaron wallace" <>
    04/29/2005 02:42 PM

            To: <>
            Subject: security advice

    i'm setting up a server that will be sending and recieving a bunch of
    xml,cvs,and image files back and forth on a daily basis to several other
    companies servers....

    I"m rulling linux. the other companies will be running all sorts of OS's

    I was thinking rsync over ssh with PKI so they can script the transfer

    any problems with this? other ideas?


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