RE: sshd 3.2.x, really enforcing sftp-only

From: Mark Senior (
Date: 04/25/05

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    Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2005 11:22:40 -0600
    To: <>

    Hello again

    Thanks for the help some have already offered. A quick update - it's
    apparently slightly worse than I thought.

    With plink/putty, this doesn't work, but with openssh it does (my tests
    were from OS X and Solaris, other platforms should behave the same):

    ssh user@host cmd

    gives a full interactive shell. Grr.

    In my testing, at least I wasn't able to execute programs kept on shares
    accessible to the ssh server with

    ssh user@host \\server\share\program.exe

    so locking down the permissions on the server itself should be
    reasonably complete.

    I've found plenty of discussion of how to do this on a *nix server -
    just change your users' shells in /etc/passwd to /sbin/sftp-server (or
    wherever the sftp-server binary is kept), or to a simple program that
    will exit with an error message if its arguments are anything but "-c

    Apparently you can do the same thing using openssh + cygwin, since it
    involves making a "dummy" /etc/passwd file for cygwin programs to check.

    Mark Senior

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