sftp hangs on tru64 5.1A

From: Paul Stepowski (p.stepowski_at_qut.edu.au)
Date: 03/24/05

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    Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 14:00:29 +1000
    To: secureshell@securityfocus.com


    I'm having a problem with an sftp client
    on a Tru64 5.1A box. The ssh client can
    connect to a remote host OK e.g.

    # ssh root@css-ps
    root@css-ps's password:
    [root@css-ps root]#

    But when I sftp, the client hangs. Debug
    output gives the following:

    # sftp -vvv root@css-ps
    Connecting to css-ps
    OpenSSH_4.0p1, OpenSSL 0.9.7f 22 Mar 2005
    debug1: Reading configuration data /usr/local/ssh/etc/ssh_config
    debug3: Seeding PRNG from /usr/local/ssh/libexec/ssh-rand-helper

    And this is where the sftp client hangs.
    So I figured maybe there's something wrong
    with ssh-rand-helper. When I run it from
    the command line it looks OK:

    # /usr/local/ssh/libexec/ssh-rand-helper

    It's generating 48 bytes of entropy a in
    couple of seconds.

    Has anyone had similar problems?


    Here's how my ssh build was configured.
    I've recreated the problem with both
    openssh-4.0p1 and openssh-3.9p1.

    OpenSSH has been configured with the following options:
                          User binaries: /usr/local/ssh/bin
                        System binaries: /usr/local/ssh/sbin
                    Configuration files: /usr/local/ssh/etc
                        Askpass program: /usr/local/ssh/libexec/ssh-askpass
                           Manual pages: /usr/local/ssh/man/manX
                               PID file: /var/run
       Privilege separation chroot path: /var/empty
                 sshd default user PATH: /usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/usr/local/ssh/bin
                         Manpage format: man
                            PAM support: no
                      KerberosV support: no
                      Smartcard support: no
                          S/KEY support: no
                   TCP Wrappers support: no
                   MD5 password support: no
                        libedit support: no
            IP address in $DISPLAY hack: no
                Translate v4 in v6 hack: no
                       BSD Auth support: no
                   Random number source: ssh-rand-helper
          ssh-rand-helper collects from: Command hashing (timeout 200)

                   Host: alphaev68-dec-osf5.1
               Compiler: cc
         Compiler flags: -g
    Preprocessor flags: -I/home/stepowsk/builds/openssl-0.9.7f/include -I/home/stepowsk/builds/zlib-1.2.2
           Linker flags: -L/home/stepowsk/builds/openssl-0.9.7f -L/home/stepowsk/builds/zlib-1.2.2
              Libraries: -lcrypto -lrt -lz -lsecurity -ldb -lm -laud

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