Strange sshd message in /var/log/messages: sshd: ^[[60G
Date: 03/23/05

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    Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 12:56:28 -0000
    To: <>

    Hi guys,

    OpenSSH version: 3.1p1-14
    OS: RHEL2.1
    Kernel: 2.4.9-e.34enterprise

    I have the following in the messages file:

    Mar 22 13:41:24 x sshd: Starting sshd:
    Mar 22 13:41:24 x sshd: succeeded
    Mar 22 13:41:24 x sshd: ^[[60G
    Mar 22 13:41:24 x sshd:
    Mar 22 13:41:24 x rc: Starting sshd: succeeded

    I've seen this message occur before, as have others I know - but now, I need to find out why this is
    occuring and how to stop it.

    I've googled and searched the archives but although many people seem to have this message in their logs,
    nobody seems to know why it occurs. It seems like its not causing any problems, but again, I need to
    get rid of it if possible, or at least explain why it occurs.

    It looks like some sort of terminal control character - but why it is being logged I have no idea.

    Is it a known bug that has been fixed in a newer OpenSSH version? Or is it a genuine log message that
    is just completely obscure? :)


  • Next message: fatima riadi: "TLS secure connection to an LDAP server"

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