Re: make check -> ./ !: not found

From: Roumen Petrov (
Date: 02/25/05

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    Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2005 23:03:31 +0200

    >Hello M. Roumen Petrov,
    >Thanks for your First Help ! 2d question :
    >root@qvgdisy3 # uname -a
    >SunOS qvgdisy3 5.8 Generic_117350-08 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-X
    >root@qvgdisy3 #
    >root@qvgdisy3 # make check
    >/bin/sh ./
    >OpenSSL executable version: OpenSSL 0.9.7e 25 Oct 2004
    >RSA digest list: md5 sha1 md2 md4 rmd160
    >./ local: not found
    Short answer: see section 4.1 from README.x509v3.
    You can run only tests for certificates with command
    make check-certs SHELL=/bin/ksh
    Note replace /bin/ksh with "korn shell" installed on your system.

    Details: Some Unix shells don't accept local keyword in shell scripts.
    Work around is to run regression test with other shells. As example ksh
    simply ignore local keyword and this allow test related to X.509
    certificates to succeed.

    On page
    is archived announce for version x509g3 from 25 Feb 2004.
    Details from announce:
            * code cleanup:
              Version x509g3 follow up OpenSSH 3.8p1 and don't contain any
    new functions
            * X.509 test shell scripts cleanup:
              Now all X.509 tests are without local keyword.
              Before changes accepted shell are bash, ksh, zsh and ash. Now
    I hope they can be run on Unix with standard sh.

    > If I understand well, ( not for programming, but functionality )
    >Why do you want to recreate openssl.cnf; That I have already Done !
    >or is it just for Test/CA !
    >Why don't you hask to user/root where is my conf, and ca.crt or *.pem ? (already done for https/Mozilla).
    Regression test should not depend from user configuration. As example
    test check certificates with different signature algorithms.
    The file tests/CA/ca-test/catest.config contain openssl configuration
    suitable for test. Created keys and certficates are only for test of course.

    Roumen Petrov

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