RE: PKA on OpenSSH on Cygwin

From: Robert L Sowders (
Date: 02/12/05

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    To: Dan Franks <>
    Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2005 18:10:19 -0800

    Start the daemon on the windows box from the command line with the -d
    flag, as the same person who starts it from services.

    This should put it in debug mode and then connect from your source with
    something like ssh -vv. Study the output of both the daemon and the
    client for clues. Most of the time it's a permissions problem on the .ssh

    At least the debug output will show you what's going on with the daemon
    and the client.

    Dan Franks <>
    02/11/2005 10:58 AM
            To: Robert L Sowders <>
            Subject: RE: PKA on OpenSSH on Cygwin

    Cool. That helped. I have the key authenticating but as soon as it tells
    me welcome back it disconnects me. I thought it was a permissions issue
    but I can login with a password so I don't see how that could be it. Any

    From: Robert L Sowders []
    Sent: Friday, February 11, 2005 12:41 AM
    Subject: Re: PKA on OpenSSH on Cygwin

    Yes and no,

    A new user is created to handle this short coming. See updated
    instructions at;

    Dan Franks <>
    02/10/2005 09:09 AM
            Subject: PKA on OpenSSH on Cygwin

    Hello all,

    Quick question. Am I correct in my understanding that private key
    authentication can not be performed for any account except the account the
    openssh service is run under? I am referencing this text:

    "Cygwin has some limitations with regard to PKA. PKA on the server can
    be set up on the account under which the SSHD daemon (service) is run.
    means for PKA logins, the connection will always log in as the 'sshd'
    account on the remote server. If you desire access to your own account,
    will have to run 'ssh ' and enter a password, assuming you have previously
    established your account on that server."

    on Drew Hunts' guide to Setting up Secure Shell with Public Key
    Authentication Capability on Cygwin.

    Thanks in advance,


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