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Date: 01/15/05

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    If you really want a central "file", I would suspect that Putty would do
    this for you with the proper command line switches to load the hosts into
    the list.
    Or, you could just have windows update the registry for you upon bootup
    (with a policy or batch file).. That's "sorta" like a central config,
    rather then a central file.

    Per the doc.

    Saved sessions are stored in the Registry, at the location


           If you need to store them in a file, you could try the method
           described in section 4.21.

    Sounds to me like you need to really rely on DNS to do this for you and make
    all of your changes in DNS rather than in local config files. DNS really
    *is* your central file in this case. That way they just need to know the
    names of their devices, which I suspect they already do.. Just update DNS
    with the new IP Address and it'll change for everyone once the TTL expires.

    Good luck.

    Scott Carlson
    Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

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    Our networking team are using secure shell to access their network
    devices from Windows XP laptops. However, at present there are over 400
    devices and each member of the team has their own copy of those devices
    DNS name and/or IP address in a list. The problem is that whenever a
    device is changed (IP address), added or removed then each member of the
    team has to be told and update their list. This does not work well!

    I have been asked to see if there is a secure shell client, be it open
    source, shareware, commercial or whatever, that supports some form of
    'central host list'. Ideally this would be just a text list of DNS names
    held on a central file store. That way the team only has to update one
    list and the change is then immediately accessible to all team members.

    I have looked at some SSH products, openssh, secure CRT, F-secure,
    openssh for windows (with ttssh), terraterm and so on, but can find
    nothing that has any sort of central host list. Does anyone know of any
    such product?

    Many thanks,


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