Re: Two minor requests to all participants

From: Derek Martin (
Date: 11/28/04

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    Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2004 10:31:10 +0900

    On Fri, Nov 26, 2004 at 10:20:19PM +0200, Alexander Klimov wrote:
    > Hi.
    > On Thu, 25 Nov 2004, Atro Tossavainen wrote:
    > > First of all, would everybody please post from a valid address.
    > Probably it is for some other list, but is not it impossible to send from the
    > address which is not subscribed?

    Even when that is the case, this doesn't stop you from subscribing to
    lists from two addresses. If you can ask the list not to send you
    mail (many lists offer this for vacation times, or because people want
    to be able to post from multiple addresses without receiving multiple
    copies of the messages), then your posting address needs only to be
    valid when you subscribe. If you operate your own mail server, or can
    arrange it in other ways, you can subscribe from the address you want
    to use for posting, and then delete (or otherwise invalidate) that
    address on your server.

    This is a very effective way of dealing with spam, which often comes
    from people who harvest addresses from popular mailing lists (such as
    this one). I use this technique myself, though not on this particular
    list. I understand the author's sentiment, but I think it's not up to
    him to decide whether posters want to be reachable by the public at
    large (or spammers). That's up to each user to decide for themselves.

    > > Also, if somebody feels it is necessary to operate autoresponders of
    > > any kind, would they please make sure the autoresponder won't reply
    > > to messages from mailing lists.
    > I agree that it is better if people turn off vocation and similiar
    > but probably it is unrealistic to expect this. Fortunately, there is
    > simple work around: create a temporary address, subscribe it to the
    > list and use it for the list exclusively so that everything you got
    > which does not belong to the list (check List-Id or List-Post) can
    > be safely forwarded to /dev/null (this include autoreplies as well
    > as spam).

    And also includes private replies... The effect is no different than
    what I described above. Where possible, my method is slightly better,
    because it prevents the mail from being delivered at all, saving
    bandwidth and computing time. Not all lists allow for this, however.

    Derek D. Martin
    GPG Key ID: 0x81CFE75D

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