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From: Darren Tucker (
Date: 09/28/04

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    Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004 07:20:26 +1000
    To: Penza Kenneth at MITTS <>

    Penza Kenneth at MITTS wrote:
    > I am running openssh 3.6.1p2 on linux servers, is there a way that disable
    > sftp/scp access to some users without affecting ssh access. Something in the
    > same lines as /etc/ftpusers or /etc/ftpaccess.

    You can set the gid on the scp and sftp-server binaries to a "scpallow"
    group and chmod them 550 but that won't stop users transferring files.
      They can install their own copy of scp, and they can also do:

    ssh yourserver "cat >remotefile" <localfile

    and similar.

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