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From: Atro Tossavainen (
Date: 09/13/04

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    Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2004 11:02:07 +0300 (EEST)
 (Price, Christopher) asked:

    >> I am also looking for a way in which to have ssh only reference a
    >> global known_hosts file (eg: /usr/local/etc/known_hosts) and completely
    >> ignore individual users .ssh/known_hosts entries. Effectively what I want is
    >> a centrally managed and distributed known_hosts file to be used in
    >> conjunction with StrictHostKeyChecking to not allow ssh connections from
    >> hosts not listed in the global known_hosts file. The global known_hosts file

    to which Alvin Oga of Ring Inc ( replied thus

    > a) we erase their changes if they change it ( trivial )
    > b) modify the ssh sources ( too much headache )

    You are discounting the possibility that they might have their own
    copies of ssh that could use a differently named configuration file.

    > if they have root passwds, all bets are off ... its a computer
    > usage policy issue if people will use their linux root skills
    > to get around corp security and usage policy

    All bets are off even without users having to have root passwords.

    If a compiler is available to the users of a computer, they can just
    bring in the source code and compile their own version of ssh. On a
    computer with no compiler, they can bring in binaries compiled else-
    where. If the home directories and all user-writable locations (/tmp
    etc) can be mounted with the noexec option, you may be able to slow
    them down a little, but be prepared to accept the resulting drop in
    usability (no self-made shell scripts any more, for example).

    Unless Mr. Price forces his customers to use the restricted shell (which,
    among other things, attempts to prevent the execution of programs that
    are not in the PATH), he will have no way of accomplishing what he wants
    in a reliable manner, and even then, it may not be entirely reliable.

    You can modify the source code of the system standard ssh, you can over-
    write the users' local configuration files as often as cron will allow
    you, but unless you can prevent the running of binaries not provided by
    the system administration all you are doing is just slowing them down,
    not stopping them.

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