RE: Unable to connect to sshd on server inside firewall

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Date: 07/29/04

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    Hi Dave,

    When the server was relocated, did the IP address change for this

    It could be that the public key you have for the server (in the
    known_hosts file) is incorrect and therefore the connection is
    To get around this, you can remove the entry for this server in your
    known_hosts file.

    Failing that, turn the sshd logging onto DEBUG3 (in sshd_config) and
    take a look at the logfile, it may give you some pointers as to what
    is failing.



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    First post as newbie to the list..  ?

    I have a configuration question that has been troubling me.  I have
    been trying to setup a server running sshd (OpenSSH) under SFU
    (Services for Unix) on a (W2K Srvr) machine that sits behind a
    firewall.  Sshd is listening on a port that has allegedly been opened
    up through the firewall.  When I try to connect to the server from
    the client (my workstation), I get the notification of the new public
    key, followed by the password prompt.  When I enter the password and
    press enter, I am prompted for the password again.

    So I am unable to connect.

    This same server configuration worked flawlessly without the firewall
    in the mix, but when the server was relocated to behind the firewall,
    it no longer works.

    Is there something I need to configure differently now that sshd is
    on a server behind a firewall?  I thought that as long as the port
    being used was open, I would be good to go.

    Any suggestions are appreciated.



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