Re: 64_bit SSH

From: Burak Bilen (
Date: 07/08/04

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    Date: Thu, 08 Jul 2004 10:05:41 +0300
    To: Bill Kirn <>

      In AIX, you can change the "Maximum number of FIXED licenses" which
    affects the maximum number of users that can login to the system
    I am not much familiar with HP, but there can be a similar setting which
    may be changed using the HP's SAM tool.

    Bill Kirn wrote:

    > To whomever -
    > I have a client who has an HP 11i system presently running
    > ssh3.7.1p2/ssl9.7c. They are going to
    > replace the 'telnet' connections with all SSH. The problem that
    > they are seeing is that SSH stops
    > allowing connections when it reaches 232 concurrent connections.
    > They will require 300+ under
    > production. The system has 20GB of memory and 12GB free when SSH
    > stops allowing connections.
    > The SSH running is 32-bit SSH/SSL. So, I'm trying to create a
    > 64-bit version. I have gotten SSL to
    > to compile 9.7d for 64-bit, but SSH errors when running
    > 'configure' stating that the /usr/local/ssl/lib/libcrypto.a
    > file is a "64-bit PA archive library (Mismatched ABI)". My
    > question, is there a way to compile SSH to be 64-bit?
    > Or is there a way to use the 32-bit but increase the number of
    > concurrent connections. In the ssd_config
    > file, the MaxStartups param is commented out(#). It was set at
    > 10:30:60. Any help in this would be
    > appreciated.
    > Thanks in advance...Bill Kirn, Schlumberger HP Admin, NAM Data Center,
    > Sugar Land, Texas

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