Re: SSH/SSL firewall port problem

From: Darren Tucker (
Date: 07/05/04

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    Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2004 07:10:22 +1000
    To: Mathias Hjärtström <>

    Mathias Hjärtström wrote:

    > Hi! I've been trying to setup a remote server for version management
    with either CVS or Subversion. When trying out CVS I use a Linux
    computer with OpenSSH 3.8.1p1 and when I use Subversion I use a WinXP
    computer with Apache 2.0.49 and OpenSSL_0.9.7d. Now I've got both
    systems running, one using port 22 for SSH and the other using port 443
    for SSL forwarded by the firewall. Both systems works fine for checking
    in and out small textfiles, no problems whatsoever. But when trying to
    commit or check out larger files (> 100 kb binary files in my case) the
    communication is interrupted on both systems.

    Might be a MTU/fragmentation problem. See:

    > Do I have to open any other ports besides port 22 for SSH or port 443
    for https?


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