OpenSsh 3.6.1 on Netware, public keys

From: Gene Siepka (
Date: 06/30/04

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    Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 08:29:54 -0500

    Hey kids...

    I'm having a strange issue here that I was hoping someone can shed light on.

    Our Netware admin and I are working on using scp to transfer some files from a
    Solaris 9 Box to a Netware 6.5 server.
    We turned on the SSH service on the Netware server, had to muck with the
    sshd_config file a little. The actual scp works fine (kinda). Except for that
    even on a successful transfer it gives a RC=1 !?!?!

    Anyway, the real issue is that we can't get the public key authentication to
    stay working. I can do the scp only ONCE after restarting the sshd service on
    the Netware box. The second try and all subsequent attempts fail with a
    Public Key failure message.
    Yes I can log in successfully with a password, but I need to be able to script
    this, hence the reason for the key authentication..

    To even get the public key authentication to work even the first time, we had
    to change STRICT MODES to NO in the sshd_config, I gather because of the
    wierd file permissions on the Novell box.

    We've tested this several times, only the first attempt after restarting sshd
    does it allow the key authentication to work...

    Any ideas anyone has would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

    Gene Siepka
    Senior Systems Administrator
    Chicago Board of Trade

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