Re: ./configure Error
Date: 05/11/04

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    To: "Johnson, Kenyetta A Ms ESTA" <Kenyetta.Johnson@NETCOM.ARMY.MIL>
    Date: Tue, 11 May 2004 12:09:33 -0500

    Try setting your variables as follows:

    LDFLAGS="-I/usr/local/ssl/lib -L/usr/local/ssl/lib -R/usr/local/ssl/lib"
    export LDFLAGS

    If you OpenSSL libraries are located elsewhere, the change the path above.

    Now run your configure script

    P.S. - You don't need egd because Solaris 9 has a random number generator
    by default, so when you build OpenSSH, don't specify an egd port in the
    configure line.

    Troy Wilson
    Technology Group
    Systems Administrator

    "Johnson, Kenyetta A Ms ESTA" <Kenyetta.Johnson@NETCOM.ARMY.MIL>
    05/10/2004 11:40 AM

            Subject: ./configure Error


    We are attempting to install OpenSSH for SPARC Solaris 9 with TCP Wrappers

    The following software packages were added successfully via pkgadd:


    We executed the following commands UNSUCCESSFULLY due to error:

    setenv CFLAGS -I/usrlocal/include (setenv: not found...value was set by
    entering CFLAGS = -I/usrlocal/include)
    setenv LDFLAGS -I/usr/local/lib (setenv:
    notfound...value was
    set by entering LDFLAGS = -I/usr/local/lib
     ./configure --with-pam --disable-suid-ssh --without-rsh
    --with-lastlog=/var/adm/lastlog --prefix=/opt/OBSDssh

    The configure command resulted in the following error:

    checking OpenSSL header version...not found
    configure: error: OpenSSL version header not found.

    Due to the error, we then completed a manual build of OpenSSL using
    openssl-0.9.7d.tar.gz, to no avail.

    We are checking the config.log file generated when running the OpenSSH
    configure script, but no major leads to what the problem is.

    One FAQ suggested the installation of the libgcc package, but it's already


    Kenyetta Johnson
    U.S. Army NETCOM/9TH ASC
    Fort Huachuca, Arizona

     <<Kenyetta Johnson (E-mail).vcf>>


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