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Date: 05/04/04

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    Am I missing something here, or couldn't he just follow the
    template provided in ssh.c? There he could/should see
    exactly how complicated this process might be.

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    On Fri, 30 Apr 2004, Satyanarayana, Dintakurthi wrote:

    > I want to open ssh connection to a remote server from
    > a c/C++ program. Once the connection is opened, I want
    > to exchange data from within the program itself. I
    > guess if we have ssh + socket libraries we can do it
    > just like opening a tcp socket and using read, write
    > calls to get and send data. Does anyone aware of
    > socket library that works with SSH ?
    > Is there any other alternative that helps in
    > establishing ssh connections ? One thing I certainly
    > want to do while opening ssh connection is using a
    > crypto algorithm (3des/blowfish) of my choice.
    > Please suggest any pointers.

    First, it would help to know if you are talking about running on a
    Unix/Linux system or a Windows system (or something else).

    It is not as simple as opening a socket. The authentication and encryption
    routines are quite involved.

    Your best approach might be to use a forwarded port. That is, have an SSH
    connection already in place, with a forwarded port that you can use in your

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