Re: [Vserver] ssh -X login without "x11uselocalhost no"

From: Sam Vilain (
Date: 04/26/04

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    Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 16:00:13 +1200


    Actually, my thoughts are that it would be nice to be able to disable
    the SSH X11 forwarding from listening on any IPv4 address at all.

    The "/unix" xauth entry is for connection over the unix socket, rather
    than TCP/IP. Unix sockets are very much like a TCP/IP socket, but the
    addresses refer to locations on the filesystem, typically within /tmp -
    rather than IPv4 network addresses. So an application "listens" on a
    filesystem path, and applications "connect" to that filename. `ls -l
    /tmp/.X11-unix' should show you examples of these types of sockets.

    Maybe you are hitting against a problem I encountered once. I was
    experimenting with using addresses on the 127.* network for vserver
    `localhost' interfaces, much as you seem to be with routable addresses.
    I can't remember the details, save that the problems I discovered
    started with ssh X11 forwarding not working - and following the function
    calls in the source one by one, I tracked the problem down to there
    being some combination of flags you can pass to the bind()/socket()/etc
    combination that specifies "a local address" rather than first resolving
    "localhost" in your application. Rather than resolving "localhost" for
    you, the libraries simply use a hardcoded - which, of course,
    doesn't work unless it's in your IPROOT, and the SSH X11 forwarding
    fails. As would port forwarding.

    This was with an old version of vserver (ctx17), but I decided that
    requiring a patched libc to use vservers was a bit out of the question,
    as this bug would affect more than just SSH. Though it is not strictly
    required by the RFCs for localhost to be, the fact that the C
    library has it hardcoded, would not seem to lend itself well to the
    approach working in general. Besides, IPv6 *does* specify ::1 as being
    the loopback interface. I was stone-walled by the libc maintainers, and
    eventually decided this approach was not future-proof enough.

    So, to implement per-vserver localhost, I realised I would have had to
    implement some kind of transparent masquerading of each vserver's
    `localhost' interface to per-vserver addresses. Unfortunately I wimped
    out at this point, but I think Alex Lyashkov has a similar feature in
    his fork of vserver.

    In any case, it is highly recommended if you are concerned about network
    security to use iptables firewalling in the root server to only permit
    inward connections to your well known services - I highly recommend
    fwbuilder as it has an excellent network object model, a great GUI and
    works well with Linux vservers. Be sure to get the 1.1+ release,
    earlier releases have this annoying habit of automatically `up'ing
    vserver alias interfaces for you, but with the wrong name.


    Christian Jaeger wrote:

    > Hello
    > There's a problem in the interaction between (ssh and xauth and
    > (linux-vserver or non- localhost ip's)):
    > If you use another ip than (like say, for
    > localhost purposes like me (and use a /etc/hosts file like this:
    > localhost
    > ourvirtualhostname
    > ), then ssh -X into this vserver won't work anymore except when you
    > put "x11uselocalhost no" into the serverside sshd_config - but this
    > opens up your X socket to non-local clients, which is not a good idea
    > when considering the possibility of the presence of security holes in
    > the X server code.
    > The script here solves the problem:
    > It changes the hostname for the setup of the authentification cookie
    > from "unix" to "localhost" - this is all it takes to make the X
    > authentification work again.
    > I'm cross-posting this to the openssh mailing list. Should openssh be
    > changed, or should xauth be changed? What is the reason for the "unix"
    > argument and why doesn't it work for the vserver/'strange-localhost'
    > case?
    > Cheers
    > Christian.
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