RE: file permission problem on Cygwin

From: Teruhiko Kurosaka (
Date: 03/31/04

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    Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 10:55:54 -0800
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    Never mind, I've found a solution. For those who may be
    facing the same problem, here's what I found.

    Cygwin can emulate more Unix-like file permissions but it is not
    enabled by default. One has to add "ntea" to CYGWIN variable
    in the cygwin.bat file in the cygwin root directory, which
    tends to be C:\cygwin. For example I have:
    set CYGWIN=tty ntea
    in C:\cygwin\cygwin.bat
    With this, "chmod 0600 .id_rsa" works as in Unix.
    ssh stopped complaining and I could ssh w/o entering
    a password. Happy ending.

    > Until a few hours ago, I could login to my remote machine
    > without entering password. I placed the public key in the
    > remote machine's .ssh/authorized_keys file and the private
    > RSA key in the local machine's .ssh/id_rsa. It was working well.
    > Today, I (accidentally) upgraded open_ssh to version 3.8p1
    > (time stamped on 2/24/2004) from 3.7.1p2,and Cygwin to 1.5.9
    > (3/18/2004) from 1.5.5.
    > After this upgrade, ssh now complains that I have "too open"
    > file permissions on .ssh/id_rsa and ignores this file:
    > I tried "chmod 0600 .ssh/id_rsa" has no effect in Cygwin. It
    > just behaves as though it changed the permissions, but
    > nothing changes. I am guessing this is a normal behavior
    > since the NT does not support the Unix-like permission
    > mechanism. If I do "umask 077", ls behaves as though only
    > the owner of this file (me) has access to it. But that
    > didn't affect the behavior of ssh. ssh still insists I set
    > the permissions right. What am I supposed to do ?

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