Re: Problem with restrictive login

From: Steven Lake (
Date: 02/14/04

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    Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2004 14:53:02 -0500

             Hi all. You can ignore this. I finally figured it out. It
    appears that sshd wasn't loading my modified config but instead was loading
    a different default config. Once I found that file and loaded my modified
    one in its place, sshd worked like it was supposed to. So I'm all
    set. Thanks!! :)

    At 02:53 PM 2/13/2004 -0500, Steven Lake wrote:
    > Hello. I'm new to the list and need a bit of help. This issue
    > just popped up today on my home mail server (freebsd 4.8) which has SSH
    > available to the internet so I can get into the box from work if need
    > be. That is the only port open as it's a fetching mail server so port 25
    > isn't available to the rest of the world. Nor is 110. What I just
    > discovered today is that my sshd is allowing auth by public key OR
    > password. I don't want it to auth by password. JUST public key. So in
    > other words if you don't already have the public key file, well, it sucks
    > being you because you won't get connected.

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