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Date: 02/14/04

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    > Jules-
    > JM Fraser wrote:
    > > I have various W32 clients that I want to connect to a Linux box. I am
    > > looking for the following setup:
    > >
    > > Windows clients, users click on a drive mapping such as J: within
    > > Windows Explorer and connect instantly to a Volume on the linux server,
    > Samba will do this without any trouble...
    > > via SSH via the internet.

    we do something simillar but with ssl

    > Lost with this one... you want to allow SSH connections from inside to
    > the outside, or you want your communications from Windows to the outside
    > to go through the linux box?

    i think he wants something that works now - ssh is out of question for the movement

    but you can set up ssl secured vpn and use the facilities provided by the win2k internal ipsec to achieve a simillar effect.

    maybe you should be looking for samba+openvpn combination or samba+freeswan combo


    > There are a few projects that will do the later -- the Linux Router
    > Project [] is one, and IP masquerading is
    > another (search at for more)...
    > Hope it helps..

    hope i pointed you in the right direction


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