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From: Javier Zayas (
Date: 02/03/04

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    Thanks once again to everyone who replied on the list. I finally tracked
    down my problem with delays. It seems that on HP systems, there is no
    /dev/random or /dev/urandom (it does use a random function, but it's not
    part of openSSH) so it uses /usr/local/etc/ssh_prng_cmds. After going line
    by line and checking each of these commands, I found that a few of the lines
    pointed to directories that were not part of our file structure, and a few
    others, did not have pathing information set. These were the culprits that
    caused my slowdown. After adding in the correct paths and removing three
    entries for directories that did not exist, I can now ssh in under 4

    As a follow-up to this, is there any reason I couldn't add more commands to
    this file or does it only accept certain types of files to generate the
    random numbers from these particular commands??

    Thanks once again!!

    Javier Zayas
    System Administrator

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    DNS problem. The server is trying to do a reverse lookup on you.
    Quick test is to put your ip into the servers /etc/hosts and see if the
    delay goes away.

    Javier Zayas wrote:

    > Does anyone know why SSH would take approximately 40 seconds to connect to
    > host? I've been using ssh for quite some time and recently, my login delay
    > has gone from a few seconds to approximately 40 seconds. This is even for
    > hosts that I have and have had a key for for quite some time. Any help in
    > tracking down issues with this would be appreciated. Thanks!
    > Javier Zayas
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    > Cell: (909)319-0278

    Jonathan Crowe
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