Re: logout from ssh session

From: Robert Deacle (
Date: 01/14/04

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    Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2004 23:23:21 -0500
    To: David Danovich <>

    Assuming you want the job to continue running after you log out,
    I would use the nohup command to protect it from the hangup sent
    to you processes when you log out, and give it another level
    of separation from your login shell with ( )

    e.g. ( nohup run &)&

    This can even be useful in system startup scripts for processes
    you want started at boot time, but do not understand what
    being a daemon is about, so do not fork and separate themself
    from the boot process.

    Bob Deacle

    David Danovich wrote:
    > Hi,
    > I am not sure that I am asking the right forum but I will try.
    > I have several computers which connected through ssh using following
    > command
    > ssh user_name@computer_name
    > and it works fine until I want to run some command (some job) in
    > background using following
    > command
    > run &
    > where run is some executable program. When I sent such a command and job
    > still running I am not
    > able to logout from the computer. When I write logout computer just
    > freeze and wait till job finished.
    > Without job running in background it is not a problem to logout.
    > I do not know what is wrong. May be I need to change something in
    > config_sshd? If I use telnet everything is fine.
    > I would appreciate any help.
    > Thank you David

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