Re: Port forwarding more than once

From: Dave Howe (
Date: 01/12/04

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    Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2004 18:49:29 -0000

    Rachan Malhotra wrote:
    > I want to create a long SSH tunnel running from my laptop to one
    > server and from there to another. Also, I want to forward port x on
    > my machine to the 1st server and then to the 2nd server through this
    > tunnel. Is it possible to create an SSH tunnel among three (or more)
    > machines ?
    yup, but it may be better not to.
    the two alternatives are:
    1. make a tunnel from your port to server 1, destinatiation server 2 port
    x (obviously, the link between server 1 and 2 is unencrypted, but that may
    not be an issue)
    2. use a simple port forwarder on server 1 that relays connections to
    server 2 port 22; then tunnel to server 1 on the port you are running the
    forwarder on, and it will effectively open a ssh link (and therefore any
    tunnels) on server 2.

    That said, I am in fact doing your original solution - ssh to my corporate
    firewall, with tunnels to my mailserver and my desktop pc (both port 22)
    then tunnels from there to various other machines via the first set of

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