RE: Send xterm to remote workstation with OpenSSH

From: Anthony Kim (
Date: 12/18/03

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    Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 19:57:59 -0800 (PST)

    > Thank you all for your help and sorry for my poor english. That why
    > I haven't succeed to explain my needs.
    > I would like to send to a co-worker who only have a WinBox with
    > PuTTy and X11 server but not OpenSSH server a xterm.
    > I think my problem has no solution because the remote workstation
    > must have a OpenSSH server to use Tunneling in that direction.

    The thing is, a tunnel only encrypts the traffic that traverses the
    established ssh connection. Say, you use a remote port forwarded
    socket to send traffic to another party e.g.:
    origin$ ssh -R xyz:some_other_host:abc remote_host

    only traffic from origin to remote_host is encrypted, not traffic
    between origin to some_other_host.

    Example: Once I wanted telnet access to an internal company server from
    outside our company firewall. From my workpc I run

    $ ssh -R 2323:internal_host:23 my_home_pc

    On my home pc, I telnet to port 2323, this travels through the
    established ssh connection that I left running and out the other end of
    my workpc to perform a standard TCP connection to internel_host port
    23. The workpc to internal_host traffic is unencrypted. There you go,
    instant VPN.

    Now if you don't need end to end encryption...the solution is simple.

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