RE: Send xterm to remote workstation with OpenSSH

From: Dave Killion (
Date: 12/11/03

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    To: <>, "'BOURGUIGNON D DvSI/SNPI MTY'" <>
    Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2003 11:33:34 -0800

    Sorry for jumping in late, but... Is this Putty on Windows? If so, Putty
    has an option to automatically forward X - just hit the checkbox for it, and
    you're done with the Putty config.

    When you SSH in, it should automatically appropriately set your DISPLAY
    variable for you, at least that's my experience with Linux and BSD boxen.

    The bigger issue is that Windows does NOT have an X-11 Server running, so
    there's no server/window manager listening to connect your X-11 calls to.
    You'll need one before this will work. I've tried a variety of X-11 Server,
    and the one I settled on was Xceed. It's commercial software that my
    company bought, so I don't know how much it costs. Cygwin also has an X11
    server you might want to play with.

    My $0.02 - if it's not relevant, sorry...

    -Dave Killion

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    > Le Thu, Dec 11, 2003 at 04:26:19PM +0100, BOURGUIGNON D
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    > > Hello world,
    > >
    > > I'm using PuTTy and SSH on Unices.
    > >
    > > I would like to do with ssh the same thing that :
    > >
    > > $ export DISPLAY=Remote_Workstation
    > > $ xterm
    > >
    > > So after searching in FAQs, on the Web, on the O'Reilly
    > SSH Book, I haven't found the answer.
    > >
    > > I had tried (from the server) to use port forwarding but :
    > >
    > > $ ssh -R 6000:locahost:5555
    > >
    > > send me an error :
    > >
    > > ssh: connect to address port 22: Connection refused
    > >
    > > which, if we see closer, is logical. There is no ssh
    > server on the remote workstation, only a ssh client.
    > >
    > > If someone can help me ?
    > >
    > > Cordialement
    > > Didier
    > Hello Didier,
    > I have never tried X Forwarding but, have a look at the
    > ssh man page, ther a paragraph called X11 and TCP Forwarding
    > ( look at option -X ).
    > You must take care that X Forwarding is authorized on the
    > sshd config file.
    > Best Regards,
    > Gérald Colangelo


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