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From: Robert Khachikyan (
Date: 11/27/03

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    Date: 27 Nov 2003 11:24:19 -0800


    I searched the archive and didn't find any useful info,
    so here it goes...(apologies if this thread existed & I couldn't find

    I'm testing two platforms which one has
    & the other openssh(3.5p1)..which supports ssh protocols 1.5/2.0

    I created 1024 bit dsa encryption keys to make the ssh seamless
    with the machines....& it worked... I can ssh from openssh
    to machine w/o passwd. However, scp'ing a file from
    openssh -> machine give a problem...
    it complains that scp1 is not in my path...all i can say is aaaahhhh!!!!

    I know if I do rsa encryption my problem will be resolved, but I want
    to stick with dsa. + i don't want to go into the openssh code to
    figure it out, unless if someone has "already invented the wheel".

    Any suggestions?

    As Always,
    BTW, Happy Thanksgiving!

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