Re: extra password protection idea.

From: Scott Morgan (
Date: 11/03/03

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    Date: Sun, 02 Nov 2003 19:54:13 -0700
    To: Rahul Sawarkar <>

    All people type in a unique rhythm, rate, and pattern. So, a program can
    be written to validate a persons identity. Now, it is only another layer
    of security, because we also type different based on our mood and such.
    So it would have to have a variance allowed. Which allows some other
    person to fall with in the allowed variance.

    Rahul Sawarkar wrote:

    >An pray how is it possible for a human to replay the keystrokes exactly down to the micro or milli second. Chances are that you yourself wouldn't be able to login again ...
    >and if you are going to write a program do it, some else could run that program too...
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    >I had an idea where you time each keystroke of the password and make a fingerprint of the password entry. I found that the time between each keystroke is pretty consistent. I thought it might be an extra level of protect if openssh could use such a technique. I could give you my password but you still wouldn't be able to get into my account. It could be a option for the extra secure accounts.
    >Brian Akey

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