Multiple machines at one IP

From: David A. Parker (
Date: 10/28/03

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    Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2003 15:22:02 -0500


    I have network at home with several computers, which I often use SSH to
    access from work. The network is behind a router, which has the one
    public IP, with each computer on the LAN having a local IP. All
    necessary ports are forwarded through the router to the appropriate
    computers. The one that is the main login box is listening on the
    standard port 22, but my personal PC there is listening on port 1602.
    Generally I just SSH to the main login box and then navigate around to
    the others from there, but there are times when it is necessary to ssh
    directly to my PC on port 1602 instead. The problem is that, even
    without strict checking enabled, OpenSSH doesn't seem to like a
    different computer answering on the IP that the main login box answered
    on before. I get a giant warning and an error and cannot connect. The
    issue is that it stores the keys by IP address only, not IP and port
    number, so it doesn't know that going to port 22 and port 1602 are two
    different machines. The only resoltion I have come up with was to set
    up a shell script that purges the known_hosts file each time, and then I
    aliased "ssh" to that script. I'm running Red Hat 8.0 with OpenSSH
    3.4p1-7 on all the machines involved. Any idea if there is a way to be
    able to SSH to multiple machine located at the same IP but on different
    ports, and not have it yell at me?


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