Re: 30GB file transfers using scp

From: Tevfik Karagülle (
Date: 10/03/03

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    Try to make transfers by using plain ftp. Then you can easily see if your
    problem is related to something else other than ssh/scp.

    Rgrds Tev

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    On Wednesday 01 October 2003 20:10, Petty, Robert wrote:
    > We have a 30GB oracle database that is being copied to a server which will
    > be our production server when a client application upgrade is complete.
    > The file transfers will happen twice a week. The Solaris destination
    > servers were locked down using Jass and as such the remote tools (rcp,
    > etc) no longer work. I would like to keep them off but the transfer
    > are around 600K/s using scp. Much too slow for the window of opportunity.
    > The scp/ssh man pages state that blowfish is faster than 3des but when
    > used, the destination server returns:
    > pash-2.05$ /usr/local/bin/scp -p -c blowfish arc1db04.dbf
    > root@
    > Executing ssh2 failed. Command:' ssh2 -l root -x -a -o clearallforwardings
    > yes -o passwordprompt %U@%H's password: -o nodelay yes -o
    > authenticationnotify yes -o ciphers blowfish -s sftp' System
    > error message: 'Permission denied'
    > Can scp be configured to use no encryption for transfers? Is my only
    > to use rcp?

    Maybe you should use rsync. You can also run it over ssh. You'll need an
    daemon on the production server.

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