RE: SSH1 Client SDK for Windows ?

Date: 09/25/03

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    Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 10:54:09 +0200

            Thank you very much for this answer, Tony.

            You speak about IP*Works S/Shell from n/software ?

            These are .NET components, and we wanted to integrate SSH
    functionnalities in one of our C++ module... I don't know the Microsoft .NET
    environment but at first sight it seems to be difficult to reuse our code in
    this environment and integrate the SSH C# components with this code. Do I
    make a mistake ?


    O. Ponsinet.

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    > I believe the .NET SDK has that as well.
    > Tony Axtell
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    > Olivier PONSINET wrote:
    > > We want to develop a configuration module for a switch offering a SSH1
    > > server service. So we need to develop SSH1 Client functionnalities for
    > > Windows and I'm in charge to find the best development solution. So I
    > > want to know if a kind of "SSH1 SDK for Windows" exists (free or
    > > commercial), and if several exist, what is the best one ? I made many
    > > searches about this but I do not manage to know which solution is the
    > > most serious (BitVise sshlib = only SSH2, TTSH & PuTTY are free so :
    > > serious ? still supported ?, the other solutions seem not to work for
    > > Windows...)
    > puTTY is available on the MIT licence - so probably your best bet would
    > be to adapt that code for your own use.

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