Solaris contrib pkg building

From: Mattias Larsson (
Date: 09/18/03

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    Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 08:44:37 +0200

    Hello all!

    I have a small problem here at work.

    First, an old standard here at work, god knows what reason we usualy
    have /usr/local as a symlink to other larger disk and this gives me a
    problem with OpenSSH's pkg creating script in Solaris.

    I create a pkg with the contributed and install that pkg in
    the other machines. Sometimes, only sometimes the pkg removes the
    symlink and installs itself in a new /usr/local, which is ONLY
    containing openSSH at this point.

    It does not happen in all systems and we (I) am working to make
    /usr/local as a own filesystem or at least not a symlink as it gives
    problems in other areas to.

    Does anyone know why this happends and if there is a way to get around
    it? I'd rather not install the source on every machine as they are quite

    Mattias Larsson @ Unix,KTD,Dataservice
    Tele: 63(4617), Mobil: 070-6560660
    /* There are 10 kinds of people,
        those who read binary and those how don't. */

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