Re: switching personal to general accounting?

From: Markus Friedl (
Date: 09/14/03

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    Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2003 16:39:41 +0200
    To: "Hesse, Ralf (ZKD)" <>

    On Mon, Sep 08, 2003 at 09:53:35AM +0200, Hesse, Ralf (ZKD) wrote:
    > is there a possibility to switch from the "personal" $USERHOME./ssh/key-file
    > configuration to a more general /etc/allowed_keys configuration?


         sshd_config - OpenSSH SSH daemon configuration file

                 Specifies the file that contains the public keys that can be used
                 for user authentication. AuthorizedKeysFile may contain tokens
                 of the form %T which are substituted during connection set-up.
                 The following tokens are defined: %% is replaced by a literal
                 '%', %h is replaced by the home directory of the user being au-
                 thenticated and %u is replaced by the username of that user. Af-
                 ter expansion, AuthorizedKeysFile is taken to be an absolute path
                 or one relative to the user's home directory. The default is

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