Amount copied by scp goes up then down then back up.

From: Blake, Coleman (
Date: 09/09/03

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    Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2003 11:34:44 -0400 

    This is my first posting to this list so please excuse any protocol

    I was timing a file copy using scp and noticed the following:
    (hpdevdb:root)/u05/scp_test [77]# date;du -sk *
    Thu Aug 28 10:30:19 EDT 2003
    95820 express.old

    (hpdevdb:root)/u05/scp_test [78]# date;du -sk *
    Thu Aug 28 10:30:56 EDT 2003
    92700 express.old

    (hpdevdb:root)/u05/scp_test [79]# date;du -sk *
    Thu Aug 28 10:31:19 EDT 2003
    96628 express.old

    (hpdevdb:root)/u05/scp_test [80]# date;du -sk *
    Thu Aug 28 10:31:28 EDT 2003
    97840 express.old

    At 10:30:56, the amount copied actually went down.

    What's going on here?
    Both systems were running HPUX 11.0 and both were using HP's supported port
    of OpenSSH 3.50.

    Coleman Blake
    Peace Corps

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