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From: Anthony Bonetti (
Date: 08/29/03

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    Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2003 12:48:40 -0400
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    I have a number of jobs that were written to be run from a jobs server and act upon other servers, one of which is an archive server. In my current environment, the jobs server and archive server have been combined to be the same box. So, these jobs now perform ssh operations back to themselves (the client and server are the same box). When ssh is executed in this manner, it prompts for a password and then rejects the connection even when the proper password is supplied with the following error: Permission denied (publickey,password,keyboard-interactive).

    I do not wish to rewrite the jobs as this combined jobs server/archive server architecture is temporary. So, I must get "ssh back to myself" working.

    I have attempted to append to authorized_keys but that has not worked. Here is a listing of files in my ~/.ssh directory:

    Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.
    Anthony Bonetti

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