Re: problem with X forwarding

From: Pupeno (
Date: 08/25/03

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    To: Rajeev Kumar <>
    Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2003 14:57:01 -0300

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    On Monday 25 August 2003 12:58, Rajeev Kumar wrote:
    > Make sure ssh was able to setup X11 tunnel. ssh usually have some entry
    > in /etc/sshd_config file.
    > X11DisplayOffset 10
    > which says how it is going to listen for X11 connection like in above
    > case it is going to listen at port 6010 (offset 10 from std X11 port
    > 6000). SO after you ssh to server then at server try one of this.
    > telnet localhost 6011
    > (Looks like in your case it offset is 11)
    > see if this gives something like this.
    > Trying
    > Connected to localhost.
    > Escape character is '^]'.
    > ^]
    > if not than there is a problem in binding this port, try some other
    > offset value, other than 6000.
    The offser here is 10 (just that I had two X running on the workstation), now
    I have only one X running and I tried what you told me:

    $ ssh root@media
    root@media's password:
    Last login: Mon Aug 25 18:45:46 2003 from
    [root@media root]# xeyes
    _X11TransSocketOpen: socket() failed for tcp
    _X11TransSocketOpenCOTSClient: Unable to open socket for tcp
    _X11TransOpen: transport open failed for tcp/localhost:10
    Error: Can't open display: localhost:10.0
    [root@media root]# telnet localhost 6010
    Connected to localhost.
    Escape character is '^]'.
    telnet> quit
    Connection closed.
    [root@media root]#

    so, the problem is not here...
    One question, the port 6010 is open in B only to localhost, right ? because
    nmap only shows port 6010 if I nmap localhost on B.

    > Also on machine A try
    > xhost + (I don't think if this is a problem as ssh X11 is little different)
    That didn't work either :(

    Thank you very much.
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