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From: Turner, Carl H [NTWK SVCS] (
Date: 08/14/03

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    Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2003 14:23:26 -0500
    To: "Martin Arpon" <>, <>

    Don't put a '*' in for the password. This means the account is disabled. OpenSSH checks for this.
    Instead, change the password for that user to something. Does matter what, could even be the username.
    Then edit the passwd (or shadow file) and insert a char. somewhere in the encrypted password string.
    This will make the password unusable, and make OpenSSH feel comfortable about the users account not being locked out.


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    Subject: PubKey Auth and no password

    Hi. I configured a user to authenticate via public key
    without entering a password. Works fine. As this is the
    only method I want for that user, i removed his
    password (password = *). But then the user can 't login
    any more with public key (I assume it 's treated as disabled).

    How can I define the user without giving it a password
    to be able to do pubkey auth?

    SO: AIX 5.2 OpenSSH 3.6.1p2

    Any tips appreciated. Regards,

    Martin Arpon

    ps. I 'm not suscribed. If you can, please CC me. Thanks.

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