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Date: 08/04/03

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    Dunno if this is true in your case, but ofttimes that suggests the server is doing a reverse-lookup on the client; usually just for DNS, but sometimes an 'ident' or 'finger' query.

    Reverse-lookups can often be speeded by manually adding the client's hostname/IP to the server's /etc/hosts file, or by disabling the lookup in the server configuration (ie, does your sshd_conf include "VerifyReverseMapping yes"?)

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    I have a OpenSSH3.5p1 runnin on a redhat 9 server I have. When connecting
    from an outside computer using putty (or any ssh client) after entering a
    username it takes 5-7 seconds to prompt for password. What is wrong / how
    can i make it prompt faster?


    David Walker
    President Mudsite Hosting

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