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From: Dexter Turner (
Date: 06/04/03

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    Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2003 08:27:01 -0700 (PDT)

    I have ssh access to a remote Sun server from my Linux

    I can log in with an ssh connection fine:

    ssh -l <user> <remotehost>

    There is an application on the server listening on
    port 1204. Firewall is blocking 1204 so I thought it
    should be simple enough to use ssh port forwarding to
    talk to the application like:

    ssh -l <user> -L 1204:<myhost>:1204 <remotehost>

    Subsequently, I found out that the application is java
    based and uses a 'callback' port to communicate with
    the client on my laptop. The callback is initiated
    from the remote host to the client so my assumption
    was that the firewall was blocking outbound on the
    callback port (set to 7803). No problem I thought, so
    I tried:

    ssh -l <user> -L 1204:<myhost>:1204 -R
    7803:<remotehost>:7803 <remotehost>

    Still doesn't work. Before I begin digging into the
    application to see if it has a problem, I wanted to
    verify that I had the port forwarding set up

    Any suggestions?

    D. Turner

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