Re[2]: Problems with sftp

From: Max Gregis (
Date: 03/31/03

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    Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 16:08:12 +0200
    From: Max Gregis <>
    To: "Albert E. Whale, CISSP" <>


    I experienced, in some cases with some ftp client, it happen the same
    thing and no relevant logs messages were present.

    For obtaing some log messages i tried to put these entris in my SSHD_CONFIG file:

    # Logging
    #obsoletes QuietMode and FascistLogging
    SyslogFacility AUTH
    LogLevel DEBUG

    In /etc/syslog.conf put this entry:

    auth.debug /var/adm/sshlog

    The create the log file:
    touch /var/adm/sshlog

    kill -HUP $SYSLOG_PID

    then retry to use SSH/SFTP and check your error (send them to me)

    I changed my sftp client (Secure FX), and now it runs well

    Monday, March 31, 2003, 3:49:55 PM, you wrote:

    AEWC> Thanks Max,

    AEWC> The reason that I mentioned Cute FTP and WS FTP Pro is because THEY DO
    AEWC> Support ssh / sftp protocol. That is not the problem.

    AEWC> I have located the issue as being unique to specific users. Now I need
    AEWC> to identify the needs for these users to get the protocol operable for
    AEWC> these users.

    AEWC> Max Gregis wrote:

    >>Hi Albert,
    >>you have to verify your FTP client supports Secure FTP on port 22.
    >>I use Secure FX and iXplorer.
    >>The second one is freeware downloaded from
    >>I don't think your ftp clients (CuteFTP ratjer than WS FTP support
    >>Secure FTP on 22).
    >>Try yo install a client that supports Secure FTP.
    >>Saturday, March 29, 2003, 5:13:17 PM, you wrote:
    >>AEWC> I've finally removed the functionality of FTP to the server, and now
    >>AEWC> have problems with specific users in getting them to implement the sftp
    >>AEWC> in their PC Tools (CuteFTP, Smart FTP, WS FTP - which I'm using).
    >>AEWC> There are no logs for errors which I am able to locate. I can verify
    >>AEWC> Authentication on the server, but when the users attempt to transfer
    >>AEWC> files to the server, they create an empty file. No Contents, just empty.
    >>AEWC> Has anyone experienced the problem with educating an inexperienced
    >>AEWC> population on the changes for sftp, and can I examine the problems they
    >>AEWC> are experiencing in the logs (I cannot find them!).
    >>AEWC> TIA

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