sftp disconnected immediately

From: Glando (glando@free.fr)
Date: 03/21/03

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    To: secureshell@securityfocus.com
    From: "Glando" <glando@free.fr>
    Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2003 02:10:11 +0100


    I've been stuck for a while on this problem and I've not found any clear
    answer 'til I found it myself...
    may be this will be useful to someone else...

    My config :
    WXP running sshd as a service (via cygwin) as explained everywhere (and the
    classical errors solved thanks to this list ;-)
    2 XP declared users: 1 admin and one limited
    Access of the whole disk forbidden for limited user, except home dir and a
    few cygwin files

    Both users are able to ssh correctly
    Admin user able to sftp correctly
    BUT limited user was disconnected immediately after sftp password validation

    Thanks to filemon tool I managed to find that access to wsock32.dll and
    psapi.dll in windows/system32 where denied when trying to log with limited
    user account.

    Adding execution/read right to both files on the server solved it...

    Hope this helps!


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