Re: cron'ing rsync over ssh

From: Brian Hatch (
Date: 03/19/03

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    Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2003 19:30:59 -0800
    From: Brian Hatch <>
    To: 'Jesse Burkhardt' <>,

    > My setup is: I run rsync daemonized on various server machines in my LAN
    > - i.e., the source machines certain partitions of which I want to
    > backup. I would like the client, the destination archiving machine, to
    > run hourly crons over ssh, but so far the only thing I have been able to
    > do is rsync across (as root so that I am not denied anything) only after
    > interactively supplying my root password to the ssh daemon. How do I get
    > around interactive ssh interactive password requirement so that I can
    > cron all these rsync client requests regularly?
    > I know passwordless implementation involve ssh-keygen and ssh-agent, but
    > I haven't figured out what the proper usages are yet.

    See "Secure Passwordless Logins with SSH" available at
    or other similar articles linked from the OpenSSH page at

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