FW: restricted users

From: Hong Tian (htian@ias.edu)
Date: 02/27/03

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    From: Hong Tian <htian@ias.edu>
    To: "'secureshell@securityfocus.com'" <secureshell@securityfocus.com>
    Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 19:51:23 -0500


    On my RedHat 7.3, there is no manual entry for sshd_config. But I try
    AllowUsers and DenyUsers. It works good.

    The question now is that I have to deny more than 200 users and allow 10
    users. I can't put so many users names on deny lists in sshd_config. I try
    to deny everyone then allow someone. But I don't know how to deny all. I try
    the followings, no one can deny all:

    DenyUsers all => not works
    DenyUsers ALL => not works
    DenyUsers everyone => not works

    DenyUsers user1 => works!
    AllowUsers user2 user3 user4 => works!

    Do you know how to use DenyUsers to deny everyone?


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    >From: Hong Tian [mailto:htian@ias.edu]
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    >Subject: restricted users
    >I am using ssh on a RedHat Linux server which has many user accounts.
    Now I
    >want to only allow some admin users to ssh to this Linux server. Do you
    >know how to modify the sshd_config file to do it?

    There are the keywords AllowUsers, DenyUsers or maybe AllowGroups,
    DenyGroups would be easier - would they be any help? ( man sshd_config
    gives details on my system )


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