Restricting sftp

From: Leland T. Snyder (
Date: 02/24/03

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    From: "Leland T. Snyder" <>
    To: <>
    Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 12:27:31 -0500

    I hope there is an easy answer to this question.

    I'm using OpenSSH on RedHat 8.0 (i386) and I have all the most recent patchs

    [root@base04 root]# rpm --query --all | grep openssh
    [root@base04 root]#
    [root@base04 root]# rpm --query --all | grep bash
    [root@base04 root]#

    When you enable a user for sftp it seems they are only restricted by
    file/directory permissions.
    Can you add the restrictions of rbash (i.e. Restricted Bash) or some other
    simple means to restrict the locations that a person can exchange files

    I'm sure there is a simple answer to theis question, and thank you in
    advance for your help. I just can't find any thing like this documented,
    and I'm not sure if I set /usr/sbin/rbash as the default shell for the sftp
    login that, that will allow me to restrict sftp access by that id.


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