make x.509 certificate authentication work with ssh

Date: 02/21/03

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    Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 15:17:38 -0800

    Hello all,

    I have ssh server on UNIX ---openssh 3.5p1 and ssh client on window or
    unix with Secure CRT (commertial version) or F-Secure (commertial version)
    client or openssh client. I can make public key authentication with user
    key work but not public key authentication with x.509 certificate. I have
    already got my CA, server and client certificate. I like to know what do I
    need to do on both server and client side in order to make it work. What
    options I need to set in configuration file? I found the help pages in
    openssh and SecureCRT, F-Secure are really laking of information in this

    I apprecite any help from the group.


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