Re: X and Ssh yet again.

From: Theresa Chen (
Date: 02/10/03

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    From: Theresa Chen <>
    Date: 10 Feb 2003 10:35:57 -0500

    On Thu, 2003-02-06 at 22:52, Jorge Aldana wrote:
    > Ok, I've tried several posted solutions but still get
    > Error: Can't open display:
    > when trying to launch an X app remotely.
    I am receiving similar errors in a way...Running Redhat8, I recently
    installed latest version of ssh. I also enabled the ForwardX11, however
    when I open a connection to a remote server and tries to pull up an X
    emacs, for example, I receive a message similar to the one below:

    Suspended (tty output) [process id]

    Problem never existed before the ssh upgrade.


    > This is only true under version v3.2.2 (from, under v3.0.1 it works
    > fine. I usually compile ssh using all the defaults, which lead me to recompile
    > using --with-x (well configure with) and the problem still persists. I even set
    > AllowX11Forwarding to yes in sshd2_config and ssh2_config (under /etc/ssh2 and
    > restarted the daemon), although none of this was ever needed under v3.0.1. I
    > then rummaged through the listings on this list and used several posted
    > solutions like:
    > ssh -R 6009:localhost:6000
    > or
    > ssh +X
    > and then even tried setting DISPLAY manually and still get the dreaded "Error:
    > Can't open display:", not that I wanted to.
    > I'm using several different OS's and they behave the same, or I get the same
    > behavior with the same version of ssh. Has something changed that has slipped by
    > me?
    > Using v3.0.1 the DISPLAY variable is automatically set as it should but under
    > v3.2.2 there isn't even a DISPLAY variable listed.
    > Anyone know of any possible hangups here?
    > Jorge

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