RE: X and Ssh yet again.

From: Stephanie Schiebert (
Date: 02/07/03

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    From: "Stephanie Schiebert" <>
    To: "Jorge Aldana" <>, <>
    Date: Fri, 7 Feb 2003 12:19:44 -0500

    Hi Jorge,

    Try compiling with these options:

    # make distclean
    $ ./configure --without-x11-security
    $ make
    # make install

    Chances are, the X11 Security support added to v 3.2.2 is what is causing your problem.



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    From: Jorge Aldana []
    Sent: Thursday, February 06, 2003 10:53 PM
    Subject: X and Ssh yet again.

    Ok, I've tried several posted solutions but still get

    Error: Can't open display:

    when trying to launch an X app remotely.

    This is only true under version v3.2.2 (from, under v3.0.1 it works
    fine. I usually compile ssh using all the defaults, which lead me to recompile
    using --with-x (well configure with) and the problem still persists. I even set
    AllowX11Forwarding to yes in sshd2_config and ssh2_config (under /etc/ssh2 and
    restarted the daemon), although none of this was ever needed under v3.0.1. I
    then rummaged through the listings on this list and used several posted
    solutions like:

    ssh -R 6009:localhost:6000


    ssh +X

    and then even tried setting DISPLAY manually and still get the dreaded "Error:
    Can't open display:", not that I wanted to.

    I'm using several different OS's and they behave the same, or I get the same
    behavior with the same version of ssh. Has something changed that has slipped by

    Using v3.0.1 the DISPLAY variable is automatically set as it should but under
    v3.2.2 there isn't even a DISPLAY variable listed.

    Anyone know of any possible hangups here?